Highway Code: The clever hack to avoid windscreens freezing as temperatures hit -4C - MyLondon

2022-12-13 20:34:33 By : Ms. Emily Chen

The simple method could save you time during frosty mornings

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Highway Code: The clever hack to avoid windscreens freezing as temperatures hit -4C - MyLondon

Temperatures are plummeting to sub-zero levels so it's time to wrap up warm. As well as remembering to wear hats, gloves, and scarves, don't forget to give your car a little TLC too.

The artic cold will undoubtedly leave windshields frozen. Luckily for Londoners, there is a simple hack to prevent your car from freezing over this winter.

According to automotive experts at Peter Vardy, all you need is a household item you will definitely have at home. Using a pair of sock, it's easy to stop wipers freezing to the windscreen.

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A Peter Vardy spokesperson suggested: "Use long socks to cover your windshield wipers to stop them from freezing over on cold nights. This will save you time in the morning defrosting the clumps of ice that often gather on windscreen wipers.

"For this hack, Peter Vardy recommends the thicker the socks the better so ensure they fully cover your wipers."

With the weather set to remain chilly, according to BBC Weather, there are plenty of hacks to ensure the cold temperatures don't make life a misery this winter. Peter Vardy suggests placing rubber floor mats underneath tyres.

It might seem random but it can provide traction for cars that are getting stuck in snow or ice. Elsewhere, you can also use shaving foam to prevent windows from fogging up.

Using a microfibre cloth, wipe the glass both inside and out to prevent windows fogging. If you've been for a winter walk, shaving foam can also be used to remove muddy patches inside your car.

Leave it to sit for 10 minutes before wiping the seats or floor clean with a damp cloth. Stay safe this winter!

Cloud mostly clearing this afternoon, to leave plenty of winter sunny spells and just the odd patch of cloud. It will be another chilly day.

Tonight will be dry with clear skies throughout and very little in the way of cloud. It will be a cold night.

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Highway Code: The clever hack to avoid windscreens freezing as temperatures hit -4C - MyLondon

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