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2022-10-14 08:35:31 By : Ms. Amanda Cheung

When developing a new cosmetics or skincare line, packaging is crucial. The container a product is placed in determine how it’s dispensed, how it’s stored, and most importantly, it gives the potential customer their first impression. 

Supply chain issues have caused lead times for many products, including cosmetic packaging, to get out of control. Wait times can be twelve weeks or longer, delaying shipments from the cosmetic brand to their customers and making it difficult to stock products. Not only that, but most cosmetic packaging companies require their clients to order thousands of containers at a time, with minimum order quantities often reaching 10,000 or more. Small businesses are faced with a challenging decision as the costs are higher than many can reasonably invest.  Flat Tube Cosmetic

Cosmetic Packaging Now is revolutionizing this industry and making it accessible, convenient, and cost effective for any business, no matter the size. 

Product offerings with options for all businesses

Cosmetic Packaging Now carries any style package a company could need for their cosmetic and skincare needs. From lip gloss containers to airless bottles, there’s the perfect style for any product. They offer eleven different lines, each with its own benefits, such as the eco-friendly line for companies working towards a greener earth. 

Each of their styles and lines is stocked in their warehouse in Dallas, TX. This means that the long wait times customers are used to with competitors are a thing of the past. Cosmetic Packaging Now can ship any stock styles within 48 hours, effectively eliminating lead time issues. 

These extensively tested containers not only ship fast, but they won’t break the bank of a small, new business with high minimum order quantity requirements. Any style from Cosmetic Packaging Now can be ordered in quantities as low as a single unit. Now, businesses can order exactly how many they need, instead of being forced to purchase thousands of one style to meet minimum order quantity requirements. 

Custom packaging is also possible through Cosmetic Packaging Now, allowing a small or independent business to distinguish their products from others with a unique style and design. 

Cosmetic Packaging Now is providing the best solutions for small businesses to get on their feet with high-quality, affordable packaging for their cosmetics. With custom options and fast lead times, a business can rest assured they’ll be able to get exactly what they need without delays that could damage their own supply chain. 

Cosmetic Packaging Now provides quality products with fast fulfillment and shipping. They pride themselves on the highest level of customer service and care for their laboratory-grade packaging. With no minimum order quantity requirements, they’re the ideal choice for small and independent cosmetic companies. 

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